Kalvstrin is part of the myth, however he is not related to the brothers. He is more of a member that is seemingly most likely adopted by the family. He lives with Ilkovus at the time being. He is confirmed to be a young child, however his age is unknown but is most likely between 8-10 years of age.


He is like any ordinary child, he is very curious about the world and he often asks many questions even if they're not apporpiate. He talks a lot and is very loud. If met, he will ask you billions of questions and probably circle you a lot until he is told to go away by Ilkovus or anyone that is there at the time.


He suffers from pyrophobia, which is the irrational fear of fire. It is known that he has dealt with this at a very young age, but due to unknown reasons, his fear has grown worse.

He is a Gemini

He is often spoiled by Ilkovus, which leaves him to be quite bratty at times

He hates fighting and will often leave if a fight ever does start

He could possibly have ADHD or Autism

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