Ilkuven is the 14th brother of the family. His main goal is to find a way to speak forwards, however his mission hasn't been succeeded yet for years. But he's well determind to speak like his brothers one day.


He seems to always speak backwards, however on his birthday he will speak forwards. He dislikes the way he speaks, making him unlikey to speak. If he does speak, he tends to get a bit frustrated and will start spamming the same word. Often times he will say a word, but it will be all scrambled up, but this is only when he is mad.


His favorite thing to say is supposedly 'pous' which spelt forwards is soup, however it is unknown whether he likes soup or not.

He is an Aquarius

He is very close to Ikounues and Ilkonec, his relationship with the others is unknown. He has a major disliking towards ilkeanu, it is not determined why yet.

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