Ilkovus is the main character in the myth as well as the leader of his siblings. His main goal is to find the mysterious 12th one who is supposedly a close brother to him. He is willing to do anything to find him even if it hurts others.


Ilkovus is known to be extremely hyper and excited, often speaking in caps and having bad grammar at times. He is often rude with his brothers and threatens them on a daily basis. When he is calm, he's known to be rather friendly and caring. He is often called unstable by his brother, Ikeurz.


He is confirmed to be in a relationship with another myth

He is not the oldest in the family

His favorite food is confirmed to be chicken nuggets, or just anything that's chicken

His behavior is similar to two other myths, Unstable_Day and AloneTraveler as he speaks in broken English a lot, but he can also have perfect grammar, it really depends on his mood. If he's excited he'll speak in broken English, but even if he's extremely mad he'll speak in it too.

He is into masculine people

He doesn't exactly identify as male, he just uses he/him pronouns

He hates Christmas, however the exact reason why is unknown

He loves to draw for fun, and is proud of his art, despite it not being the best

He is very suicidal and has a bad drug addiction

Ilkovus is confirmed to have BPD and ADHD

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