Ikounues is the third brother of the family, and is one of the first members of the myth. His main goal is to stop having random occurring pains.


He is always seems to be shaking only to one person, the reason why is unknown. The way he acts towards others always seems to change, one day he could be outgoing and the next he could be quiet. He acts like this towards everyone. But for the most part he is often quiet and is rarely ever seen.


He likes Christmas, and often stares at the star on top of the tree, he sees visions of what could happen if Ilkonec's symbol broke. Which often terrifies him. However, he always forgets what happens

He is one of only brothers whose name doesn't start with 'ilk'

Whenever it's a Friday and it's the 13th, he protects Ilkonec in case his symbol is destroyed more

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